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  • Some people say that the Yagya fire produces Carbon Dioxide, which is harmful for human beings. Is it correct?"
    If the Yagya vessel is properly constructed, pieces of wood are dry and picked only from the prescribed trees and required quantity of cow’s ghee and purifying materials are used, very little Carbon Dioxide gas is produced. Water in the earthen pots kept around Yagyashala and in the drain around Kund first absorbs some of the CO2 gas produced then the trees and plants around the Yagyashala area consume the CO2 produced. Only very small quantity of CO2 is released into the atmosphere. As compared with Carbon Dioxide, the Yagya produces many other useful gases, which heals the atmosphere, heals all the living beings & creates harmony between nature & human. It must be noted that the little Carbon Dioxide produced during the Yagya is not as harmful or poisonous as are the gases emitted by big works,mills, factories, vehicles and railway engines. If we are putting up with the harmful gases of factories for our little gain, we can live with the littleCarbon dioxide produced during the Yagya for our bigger gain. It may be emphasized that the trees and plants consume this Carbon dioxide, while the poisonous gases from the factories cannot become food for the plants. It is therefore unfair and prejudicial to oppose Yagya due to this reason.
  • There are other scientific ways of purifying water, air, food products etc. What is then the importance of Yagya?"
    Many disinfectants, antiseptics and preservatives are used to purify and protect water, air, food products, etc., these days. However,these materials, like Finit, HIT Spray etc. are for killing specific insects and are not successful in destroying all kinds of germs. They are poisonous in nature and rather cause several side effects & also pose potential threat to the human health. If they resolve one problem,they create severalotherissues too. Yagya is a completely safe and holistic microbes management ancient practice which has been proven and established for striking the balancing between Nature & the living beings.
  • How can the Yagya be performed with a little ghee and purifying material put an end to large-scale dangerous environment pollution in villages and cities?
    Just as a small pill of few mg is able to cure a person who is about 50000 – 150000 times heavier, similarly single unit of powerful Yagya’s medicinalemissionsare capable of purifying an area several thousand times of polluted air. When performed by large no. of persons in any area on regular basis, it maintains the equilibrium of Environment of that place. Since pollution is being caused by us as consumer of various products and services, it is the duty of everyone to remove the pollution spread by him. If in the world inhabited by 6,000 million people, 100 or 200 million families start practicing Yagya every day, this pollution can be brought under check. Power gases produced by Yagya go up and mix with clouds and fall down with rains (Parjanya). They provide high nutrients to plants, trees, creepers etc. so that become strong and immune to diseasesand they can withstand pollution. It is a scientific fact that powder is more powerful than solid substance, liquid is more powerful than powder and gas is more powerful than liquid. With just 1 gram of asafoetida powder mixed with ghee when heated vaporizes and reaches far off areas. A red chili put in fire affects thousands of persons. In the same way,the pleasant smelling gases produced during the Yagya are full of curative and healing medicinal vapours capable of destroying pollution and improve the health.
  • Why the shape of Agni kund is kept as inverted Pyramid?
    The word ‘pyramid’ means the fire in the middle’. This ancient-word meaning for pyramid is closely connected with the enigmatic energies springing from its central shape. The pyramid shape is generally thought to generate and store a special energy field, which possess bacteriostatic properties. The inverted pyramid shape allows controlled generation and multidirectional dissipation of energy. It acts as an initiator of unusual energy fields and spreads them in its surrounding atmosphere
  • How the foul odours is removed?
    While performing Yagya, volatile oils get diffused in the surrounding atmosphere along with steam and smoke. Since these oils have distinct good smell, the foul odors are automatically replaced. This aroma can be experienced easily in the surroundings when Yagya is performed due to diffusion of substances like pine, terpinol and oils of sandal-wood, camphor and clove.
  • How does the yagya impacts the microorganisms & Parasites of the surroundings?
    The partial oxidation of hydrocarbons and decomposition of complex organic substances produce Formaldehyde, in small quantity, which is a powerful antiseptic. It is also interesting to note that germicidal action of Formaldehyde is only effective in the presence of water vapor which is also produced in large quantities during Yagya. The use of Formaldehydespray for disinfecting of walls, ceiling etc., is common and such a spray is automatically produced when Yagya is performed. The oxidation of hydrocarbons also produces Formic Acid and Acetic Acid both of which are known for their disinfectant properties. Use of Formic Acid for preservation of fruits and that of acetic acid in preserving vinegar is a common practice. The antiseptic and antibiotic effects of fumes of Yagya have also been examined by conducting suitable experiments and it has been established that fumes emitted in Yagya are powerful antibiotic. There are non-bacterial parasites like flies, ringworm, dice, fleas etc., which are immune to bactericides, which are also harmful to other living beings. Such insects, which are generally immune to ordinary reagents either get killed or are driven away, when they come in contact with the fumes of volatile oils like camphor diffused in the environment.
  • What type of clothes are recommended during performance of Yagya ?
    During a Yagya , the purifying energy emanating from the Agnihotra stimulates the outer skin and permeates the body through the physical perforations, bringing out sweat and other impurities from within. It is therefore, advisable to wear loose clothes to permit an easy intake of ' Pran'- the life -force and excretion of impure elements (Kalmash). For this reason, in ancient times a two-piece wear of Dhoti and Dupatta was recommended which permitted a free circulation of air in and around the body. Course, heavy and tight clothing is not advisable for this very reason, Dhoti and Kurta are cheap and convenient wears, which, besides meeting the above objectives, also serve the purpose of religious and cultural integrity. Dhoti and Kurta are also easily washable. In those regions where Dhoti-Kurta are not traditional wears, clean-washed Pyjama may be used. Socks should never be worn during the Sadhana . These are considered as dirty as shoes. (However, to ward off extreme cold, one may wear clean socks reserved exclusively, for this purpose). Though traditionally a yellow Dupatta (Angavastra) on shoulders is recommended, it is not mandatory. Ladies may wear yellow Saree or a loose traditional wear. For Group performance, it is advisable to keep stock of spare clothes for the visiting participants. Continuance of a Yagya in the night is not justifiable.
  • What is Spiritual Meaning of Yagya
    The word Yagya is derived from the word ‘yaj’, which has a threefold meaning; to unite (sangatikaran), to worship deities (Deva pujan) and to give (dan). Yagya also encompasses the welcoming of the person (satkaar) and unity (sangathan) while performing the auspicious action. The importance of Yagya has been described in a layer of Vedic literature called, Yajurveda as well as Brahmanas. The philosophy of Havan teaches a way of living in peace and a lifestyle which promotes higher human values, which is indeed the basis of a great human culture. Yagya motivates us to imbibe its five idealistic qualities of life. Fire (Agni) has the properties of being bright and hot. Fire (Agni) inspired us to lead bright and radiant lives, full of wisdom and intelligence. The flame of fire never goes downwards, it always goes upwards. It teaches us that despite huge pressures of fear and temptations our flame of knowledge, understanding and foresight should ever be up-turned. Agni (Fire) accumulates nothing. Anything offered in the fire gets vaporized. It is scattered throughout in the surroundings and becomes universal. We should also not collect things for our selfish, ends but make use of all our resources and qualities for advancing the good of the societies. We should be kind and always generous. Whatever offered in the fire becomes fire itself. We should also focus on such quality of talent in our character, so that anyone coming into our contact may turn out refined. The remains of the fire are ashes. Similarly, physical forms of all human beings are going to transform as a handful of ashes. The concept behind applying (ashes of Havan) on the forehead is that people should always remember the certainty of death and utilize every moment of the life in the best possible manner.
  • Instead of wasting ghee (clarified butter) in the name of yagya, isn't it wise to consume self or donate others will be more beneficial?"
    Yagya is a practical and therapeutically science. Science has proved it that nothing is being destroyed, it only changes and properties. Yagya not only balances the whole environment but also nourishes them. If the need occures to nourish people, plants, animals and other creatures of particular area then yagya is the single, simple option that works for mass done with proper selected herbs, dry fruits, ghee, and related mantras( sound energy that creates positivity within and the outer space) produces immensely good results of strength, nourishment and health. With latest devices one can test and see the results.
  • Is it possible to get rid of drug addiction by the help of yagyopathy? How it is effective in drug de-addiction? Did someone has helped anybody to get rid of the drug addiction through yagyopathy?
    Yes, it is quite possible to get rid of the drug addiction along with other types of addictions. Yagya,Hawan or Agnihotra is considered to be a potent & holistic mode of treatment not only effective over body & soul, It has positive effects on mind as well. Several studies have claimed that the practice of Agnihotra or ‘Homa Therapy’ is a useful adjunct in the treatment of drug-dependents and alcoholics. Dr. G.R. Golechha presented a paper at the annual conference of the Indian Psychiatric Society in 1987 where he described how an army officer with manipulative drug habits overcame his dependence on heroin with the help of Agnihotra and continued to remain drug-free for a prolonged follow-up period. He had earlier undergone detoxification and psychotherapeutic interventions but could never develop a sense of motivation. In fact, he kept on challenging his mentors. To break the impasse, he was introduced to Agnihotra which he accepted after some initial resistance. Over a period of four weeks, he became a completely changed man who could go back to his work without any drugs. He continued practicing Agnihotra for another eight weeks after his recovery. Discontinuance thereafter did not lead to relapse during the follow-up period. How could Agnihotra help the subject to get cured of his drug dependence? Dr. Golechha thinks that it is not the fragrance of the fumes or the chemical effects of burning ghee, rice and cow-dung but the vibrations generated during the practice of the ritual at sunrise and sunset which need to be investigated for assessing the beneficial effects. These ‘vibrations’ to a physicist can mean the various electro-magnetic waves and radiations that might be produced in the copper-pot during Agnihotra. Some of these electro-magnetic waves might be in synchronisation with the cosmic radiations at sunrise and sunset and may influence the mind and health of a subject. The work of Selva Murthy on the neurophysiological effects of Agnihotra also seems to corroborate the fact that the practice of Agnihotra fosters mental tranquillity. He measured various physiological parameters in healthy volunteers practicing Agnihotra. Electro-encephalographic findings showed suppression of delta waves and enhancement of alpha waves in frontal leads which denote mental tranquillity. Selva Murthy postulates that there is generation of electromagnetic energy in and around the Agnihotra pot which has radio-effects on biological systems of the body and the brain and their rhythms. The frequency and amplitude of these electromagnetic waves are as yet unknown. Their synchronisation with the cosmic electromagnetic field existing at the time of sunrise and sunset might have amplifying and boosting effects. This in turn might stimulate the modifying and enhancing activity of some eurotransmitters and neuromodulators associated with natural tranquillity. The resultant effect would be an increased tranquillity which might be conducive for curbing the urge to take heroin or alcohol. Indeed, Agnihotra or ‘Homa Therapy’ has been found to be a useful adjunct in the treatment of alcoholism by different researchers. In a study on 18 alcoholic subjects, Golechha et al. found that Agnihotra served as a useful adjunct in maintaining the motivation for abstinence and 55% of the subjects continued to remain abstinent for more than 8 weeks. When Dr. Golechha first presented his paper on the beneficial effects of Agnihotra in heroin addiction, this reviewer had ventured to suggest that as ‘chasing’ heroin resembled a ritualistic act, was it being effectively replaced by another ritual (Agnihotra)! In fact, ‘chasing’ heroin is a delicate task where each step has to be done carefully and correctly, such as: scraping off the carbon deposit after the white tissue paper adherent to one side of a foil(available in a cigarette packet) is burnt out, then placing a minute quantity of heroin on the foil without spilling and carefully heating it from below by a lighter, match-stick or candle and finally chasing the undulating coil of white fumes that resemble a dragon's tail (hence the name ‘chasing’) to inhale through makeshift straws made from polythene tubes or rolled foils or new currency notes, all the while concentrating to avoid any wastage. It takes time to master this intricate act with precision. Perhaps this ritualistic component of ‘chasing’ heroin may have some appeal for addicts and Agnihotra, being itself a ritual might be beneficial by substituting one ritualistic behaviour for another. Performing rituals is a type of cultural obsession. Alcoholism itself has culture-specific ritualistic paradigms that have survived through ages. It is interesting to note that when Agnihotra was used on alcoholics by Golechha et al., the subjects developed a sort of obsessive compliance to voluntarily perform and repeat performing Agnihotra(3). The appeal of ritualistic behaviour to the mind needs to be studied to assess the beneficial effects of Agnihotra and might be as important as the theory of electromagnetic waves and radiation produced in the Agnihotra pot which are thought to enhance the tranquillity of mind.
  • What's Aura? Is it possible to cleanse Aura through yagya?
    Aura means Tejus circle of Vitality. Here Tejus circle of Vitality is also present around our physical body, like it is visible around the electric bulb. This could be visualized & measured with the help of sophisticated aura measuring instruments. If we consider our physical body like a factory then vital force or pran should be considered as electricity or fuel responsible to run the factory, Our physical body has both temperature & movement and on based on this our daily life routine runs. The force which manages both purposes is called Bio – Electricity(Jaiv Vidhyut). The abundance of bio-electricity within oneself defines the quantity of Oaj & Tej in one’s body. Our Astral body represents Tejus circle /Vital energy (Pran Urja) /Aura. Now it has become possible to visualize it around any living person. Around the face, it is more dense & visible. It is also dense over palm, fingers & around the feet too. Around the faces of deities this Tejus is visible like abha mandal. Unique brightness exists around the faces of sages & super humans. Impact of this brighter zone is spread across larger distance. This aura is subtly responsible for the ability of such humans through which they may impress, attract & pull others in their favour. To gain support even from enemy is quite simple for them. Spiritual people can easily see the tajus with their naked eyes & can peep through the internal feelings & personality of anyone. Physical & mental ailments can easily be diagnosed & treat based on this Tejus analysis. Vital energy exist in the universe & living being a part of the universe only has a portion of Vital energy present in them too. This vital force in the body can be measured & assessed by the help of gadgets in the form of bio electricity. Vitality keep enhancing & declining, levels of vital force make a person feel weak or full of enthusiasm. Presence of plenty of vital force enhances mindfulness & wisdom which in turn instills courage, enthusiasm & work performance. Our body is made up of water, fire, air, space & earth. Therefore vital force or pran may be enhanced through any of these element: 1. By breathing in the air of hills or sea shores extend the aura. 2. Sitting in the open air &starring the open space above also charge up the vital forces. 3. Bathing or taking shower in the clean water stabilize the Aura & one feels quite relaxed. Taking bath in holy rivers like Ganges also enhance the vitality. 4. bathing by applying pure mud also enhance it. 5. But among all the elements suggested as above, Fire or Agni is the best element for enhancing the vital force manifolds. So by participating or conducting Yagya one gets the benefits of herbal fumes bath, Air bath, fire/heat bath, cow ghee fumes oxidation bath and the vibration of mantras chanted in the yagya enhances the vitality. So Yagya is one of the best methods to enhance the Aura.
  • Should we perform Yagya during 'Sootak/Ashauch ' or Inchastity periods? What's, if it falls during performance of Yagya, should Yagya be stopped at once at that moment?"
    Sootak or Ashauch period is being maintained at the time of the birth & death. During this period of time all deitieal worship task is kept under suspension. This period is most often continued for ten days until chastitization /purification /sterilization process of the house does not take place . Until then Yagya, Brahm bhoj are suspended too during Ashauch in the premises, where such types of events take place. But & most importantly if such types of incident occurred during Yagya period, then Yagya or any other holy procedures is not stopped at all & kept continued upto its completion, this is the quoth /advice of our classical texts. Some of the quoths follow as under यज्ञे प्रवर्तमाने तु जायेतार्थ म्रियेत वा। पूर्व संकल्पिते कार्ये न दोष स्तत्र विद्यते। यज्ञ काले विवाहे च देवयागे तथैव च। हूय माने तथा चाग्नौ नाशौचं नापि सतकम्। दक्षस्मृति 6।19-20 Meaning- during Yagya if birth or death takes place, there is no need to stop predetermined yagya Karma.
  • During Yagya which fingers & finger's ritual gesture (Mudra) are prescribed to offer oblations?
    “MRIGI” & “HANSI” fingers ritual gesture are supposed to be the symbol of welfare. In 'Mrigi' fingers ritual gesture thumb, middle & ring fingers are used to offer oblation in Yagya. In Hansi mudra, barring little finger, rest four fingers are used to offer oblation including thumb. Hansi Mudra( Gesture of the swan) is also called as Udan Vayu Mudra- The tip of index finger, middle finger and ring finger should touch the tip of the thumb. The little finger should remain straight.
  • What is the difference between Agnihotra and Yagya?
    Any one can do agnihotra using shuddh shakalya, wearing clean çlothes in clean surroundings and give oblations using mantras. Its immediate effect can be seen through devices. However yagya is an act beyond this. In Yagya it is essential that the person doing is pure from inside and outside ànd can pronounce shuddha mantras with inner force and will. For this practice of pronouncing shuddha mantras is required. His thinking process should be high. Then the astral and causal energy is released and effect reaches the inner core, aspirations and purifies the innerself, feelings, faith etc. of the person.

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