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Impact of Yagya on Indoor Bacteria, Fungi and Pathogens

In the Bacteria: four    experiments  conducted  , the bacteria have reduced gradually and have become almost negligible 3 days after Yagya.    One experiment was continued till 7 days after Yagya  and it was seen that on the day 7, there was an impressive reduction of 93%, as compared to the background in bacteria.


In all Fungi:

The indoor experiments Fungi have reduced above 80% as compared to the counts one day before Yagya (background). In the 4th experiment, sampling was continued till 7 days after Yagya, the reduction was 88% on the  7th day after Yagya as compared to the background.


The picture of Pathogens in the indoor environment Pathogen: is similar to the fungi and the overall trend remains the same as in the two cases above, i.e there is a reduction in the pathogen colony counts in almost all the cases on all the days.  In the last experiment even on the seventh day, there was 79% reduction in the no. of pathogens as compared to the background.

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