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Impact of Gruhe -Gruhe Yagya on Gaseous Air Pollution


A large scale event ' Gruhe Gruhe Yagya was organised by AWGP, Shantikunj, Haridwar on 24.06.2018 in which thousands of household performed Yagya in their homes in Delhi at the same time on 24.06.18. The results were interesting. As compared to one day before CO level, the levels dropped in all the 22 centers as recorded by the Live monitoring stations of CPCB in Delhi. See the Graph.

SO2 and NO2

Impact of Yagya on Gaseous Pollution
Study conducted in Collaboration with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) Delhi.

Open Air Experiments to Study Gaseous Pollutants:

Two  experiments were performed on K. G. Marg, New Delhi, in the open air. In both the open air experiments the effects on the gaseous pollutants namely SO2 and NO2 were studied. Ambient air monitors were installed by CPCB in the downwind direction and 24 hours readings were taken. The findings were as under:


  • The SO2 and NO2 reduced significantly in both the experiment as compared to background taken one day before. There was 48% reduction in NO2 on the day of Yagya which further reduced to 60% one day after the Yagya. Similarly SO2 reduced by about 86% on the day of Yagya and was below detection level one day after.

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