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 Impact of Yagya on Outdoor Microbes

Another study was conducted to see the effect of Yagya on the air microflora in May 2003 at Karawal Nagar, Delhi. The final result was as under:


  • Reduction in the Bacterial population  was 54%  the next day and about 38% two days after.

Reduction of about 15 % in the fungi population, as compared to the background, the next and growth of about 60% two days after.

  • Reduction in the Pathogen population, as compared to the background, was about 79% on the next day and the day after and

  • Yagya renders the atmosphere bacteriostatic, i.e. it is not conducive for microbial growth. This is reflected in almost all the three kinds of air micro-flora samples taken. The effect in the open atmosphere is maximum one day after the Yagya and it is maintained even on the second day after Yagya, although the levels are slightly higher.

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