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Comparative Impact of Yagya Fumes and Ordinary Fumes on Indoor Microbes

Indoor Study to compare the Air microflora of Yagya Vs. Non-Yagya fumes Environment

Two sets of experiments were conducted to compare the effect of Yagya and a non-Yagya ( burning of plain wood without any rituals) on the atmospheric microflora. The findings of this study can be summarized as under:

  • The general trend of microbes is to decrease in the Yagya  and increase  in the Non-Yagya environment

  • In the Yagya fumes atmosphere bacteria decreased from 52 counts to 11 counts, i.e. reduction of 79% as compared to one day before background.

  • In the Non-Yagya fumes atmosphere the bacteria however increased from 27 counts to 57 i.e. 111% increase,

  • In the Yagya fumes atmosphere the fungi reduced by 68% as compared to day before counts and

  • In the Non-yagya fumes atmosphere it increased by 257% as compared to the background.

  • Pathogens reduced by 33% in the Yagya atmosphere

  • Whereas they increased by 100% in the Non-yagya atmosphere thereby indicating that ordinary fumes were pollution and provided food to the disease causing microbes.

  • In the above experiment as  the   c2 was significant for Bacteria, Fungi and pathogen,   it can be inferred that the reduction in counts was due to the Yagya . Hence Yagya can control the growth of Microflora counts.

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