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The following books are advised to read:

  1. Yagya ka Gyan Vigyan , Vaangmay No 25

  2. Yagya Ek Samagra Upchar Prakriya, Vaangmay No 26

  3. Procedure of Yagya

  4. The Integrated Science of Yagna

  5. Eternity of Sound & The Science of Mantras

  6. Science of Mantra

  7. Applied Science of Yagya for Health and Environment

  8. Super Science of Gayatri

  9. Reviving the Vedic Culture of Yagya

  10. संक्षिप्त हवन विधि (Hindi)

  11. युग यज्ञ पद्धति - दीप यज्ञ (Hindi)

  12. गायत्री साधना और यज्ञ प्रक्रिया (Hindi)

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